MSRP $29.00

Si892x Isolated Amplifier Evaluation Kit

The SI8920ISO-KIT evaluation board allows for quick connection to a shunt resistor for check out of the functionality of the Si892x isolated amplifier. The evaluation board is populated with the Si8920BC-IP device which allows for connection to a shunt resistor that produces up to ±200 mV at full load. The board features test points for monitoring the inputs, outputs, and supplies for the device. Surface mount component pads are available for input or output filtering circuits. The Si8920ISO-KIT evaluation board demonstrates the functionality, the accuracy, the stability, and the low signal delay of the Si8920 amplifier. 

MSRP $29.00


Kit Contents

  • Si8920 based evaluation board
  • Si8920BC-IP isolated analog amplifier
  • Information card

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