Si472x FM Radio Transceivers

The Silicon Labs Si472x ICs are the industry's first single-chip FM radio transceivers. With unrivaled integration and performance, Si472x ICs enable both a FM receiver and transmitter to be added to any portable device by using a single chip.  As with the Si470x and Si471x products, the Si472x ICs boast industry-leading size, performance, low-power consumption, and ease of use.  

The proven and patented digital architecture of the Si472x ICs combines the functionality of the Si470x FM radio receiver with the Si471x FM transmitter, offering full FM receiver and transmit capabilities in a single, ultra-small 3 mm x 3mm x 0.55 mm QFN package. 



  • Worldwide FM receive band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide FM transmit compliance (76–108 MHz)
  • Digital audio out for FM record (Si4721)
  • Digital audio in for FM transmit (Si4721)
  • RDS/RBDS encoder and decoder (Si4721)

Getting Started with Si472x FM Radio Transceivers

Si472x Evaluation Kits

The easiest way to begin development with the Si472x family is with the Si472x Evaluation Kits.

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Si472x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Tuning Method Display Method Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM SW LW WB TX EN55020
FM Tx/Rx w Receive Power Scan Digital Digital Stereo No Yes No No No No Yes No
FM Tx/Rx w RDS+Receive Pwr Scan Digital Digital Stereo Yes Yes No No No No Yes No
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