Si468x Digital Radio Receivers


The Silicon Labs Si468x single-chip digital receivers are the industry's first fully integrated, 100% CMOS digital radio broadcast receivers ICs built for consumer electronic products.   

The Si468x family provides revolutionary advances in size, power consumption, and performance to enable high-volume, cost-sensitive multimedia products incorporating digital broadcast features.  

The family offers all-in-one, ultra-low power, multi-band digital broadcast receivers to support global analog and digital radio standards, including AM, SW, LW, FM, FM RDS, HD, DAB, DAB+, DMB, and DRM(30).  

Our Si468x digital radio receivers are the most cost-effective single-chip digital radio receivers available on the market today. The family supports worldwide radio reception and is certified for both Digital Radio Tick Mark and AM/FM HD Radio.



  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Worldwide AM band support (520-1710 kHz)
  • DAB, DAB+ Band III support (168–240 MHz)
  • Advanced RDS/RBDS decoding engine
  • AM/FM HD Radio™ support
  • Integrated HD blend
  • Supports WorldDMB Receiver Profiles 1 and 2
  • OFDM channel demodulator
    • Simultaneous decoding of up to 4 service components
    • Seamless dynamic multiplex reconfiguration
  • Integrated SRAM supporting time and frequency de-interleaving
  • Advanced seek functionality
  • Advanced audio DSP processing
  • Complete on-chip source decode
  • I2S digital audio out with ASRC
  • Integrated 97 dB stereo audio DAC
  • Concurrent I2S / L-R stereo audio out
  • Full range of analog and digital signal quality metrics
  • Fully-integrated VCO / PLL / synthesizer
  • Fully-integrated advanced AGC and alignment
  • SPI, I2C control interfaces
  • WLCSP and QFN packages
  • Digital Radio UK (DRUK) Digital Tick Mark Certified
  • HD Radio™ Certified

Getting Started with Si468x Digital Radio Receivers

Si468x Evaluation Kits

The easiest way to begin development with the Si468x family is with the Si468x Evaluation Kits.

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Si468x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM AMHD FMHD DAB/DAB+ HD Radio Certification
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Digital Radio Receivers Stereo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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