Wireless Mesh Networking Software for Thread and Zigbee®

Silicon Labs mesh networking software includes industry-leading software stacks and development tools for Zigbee and Thread application. In conjunction with modules, SoCs and reference designs for zigbee and Thread from Silicon Labs, developers can use software and tools from Silicon Labs to quickly and reliably:

  • Develop multi-node mesh networks
  • Monitor and debug multiple nodes simultaneously
  • Visually analyze system performance

Zigbee SDK

Silicon Labs EmberZNet PRO zigbee networking protocol stack is a complete Zigbee protocol software package containing all the elements required for robust and reliable mesh networking applications on Silicon Labs' Ember platforms. The zigbee stack provides "professional grade" networking for the most challenging applications such as Smart Energy / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Home Automation, Home Security, Smart Lighting and Building Automation systems.

Thread SDK

Silicon Labs is a founding board member of the Thread Group with numerous successful customer deployments of mesh networking solutions based on 802.15.4 and zigbee. Registered customers of the kits can access the Thread SDK and development tools through Simpicity Studio

Requirements for Stack Access

To access the Silicon Labs mesh software SDKs, customers need to purchase one of the mesh networking development kits such as the EFR32 Mighty Gecko Wireless Starter Kit, the EM35x Mesh Networking Development Kit) Purchasing non-mesh wireless development kits like the Flex Gecko Development Tools, Blue Gecko Development Tools, ThunderboardTM IoT Kits (React, Sense and Sense 2) and ETRX Development Kits will not enable access to the Silicon Labs mesh software SDKs.

If you are a contract manufacturer for an existing Silicon Labs mesh customer, please contact your Silicon Labs sales representative.

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