Si53159 Evaluation Kit


Evaluation boards are available for PCIe clock generatorsclock buffers, and zero-delay buffers. The EVB allows you to measure the jitter performance, power consumption, and signal integrity. The boards feature SMA connectors for robust low jitter signal integrity measurements.


Each evaluation kit includes one evaluation board and is designed to verify:

  • Performance and compliancy of PCI Express
  • Measure device power consumption
  • Connect to prototype systems that have SMA connectors, supporting robust, low jitter signal integrity measurements for system validation
  • Output enable (OE) pins for power management
  • Spread spectrum control pins for easy EMI control
  • Tweaks, verify, and understand I²C edge rate and skew controls for PCIe clocks

The Si50x-32x4-EVB does not come with a pre-installed sample device. You can specify a custom crystal oscillator and create a new part number, or look up an existing product by part number, and order samples starting at the Custom Oscillator Part Number Utility.

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