Si52112 PCIe Clock Generator Evaluation Kit 


Evaluation boards are available for PCIe clock generators, clock buffers, and zero-delay buffers. The EVB allows you to measure the jitter performance, power consumption, and signal integrity. The boards feature SMA connectors for robust low jitter signal integrity measurements.


Si52112-B4-EVB Evaluation Kit Features

Each kit will include one evaluation board and is designed to verify:

  • Performance and compliancy of PCI Express
  • Measure device power consumption
  • Connect to prototype systems that have SMA connectors, supporting robust, low jitter signal integrity measurements for system validation
  • Output enable (OE) pins for power management
  • Spread spectrum control pins for easy EMI control
  • Tweaks, verify, and understand I²C edge rate and skew controls for PCIe clock

Si52112-B4-EVB Evaluation Kit Resources

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