Si5332 6-Output Clock Generator Development Kit with Embedded Crystal


The Si53332-6IX-EVB makes it easy to move from ClockBuilder Pro device configuration to hands-on performance evaluation.

Si5332-6IX-EVB Embedded Crystal Development Kit Features

Each kit includes:

  • Seamless download from ClockBuilder Pro to EVB
  • SMA connectors for high quality measurements
  • Real-time power and junction temperature measurements
  • Access all registers, LED indicators and I/O
  • Most configurations can be powered by USB

ClockBuilder Pro Software

To use the EVB, download the software. 

Si5332 6-Output Development Kit Resources

Field Programmer Kit

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Si5332-6IX-EVB User's Guide

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Si5332 Data Sheet

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Si5332 Reference Manual

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Si5332 32QFN Schematic Footprint and Symbols

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