Si5330/34/35/38 Any-Frequency, Any-Output Quad Clock Generator Evaluation Board


For simplified evaluation of the Si5330/34/35/38 any-frequency, any-output quad clock generators and buffers, development kits are available. The Si5338 clock generator can synthesize any combination of up to 4 differential clock outputs, each of which is independently programmable to any frequency up to 350 MHz and select frequencies to 710 MHz. Using Silicon Labs’ patented MultiSynth technology, each output clock is generated with very low jitter and zero ppm frequency error and can support any clock format (LVPECL, LVDS, CMOS, etc) and VDDO (1.8, 2.5, 3.3 V), providing integrated level translation.

Si5338 Development Kit Features

Each Si5338-EVB kit can be used to evaluate any of the Si533x family members (Si5330/34/35/38) and provides the following features:

  • ClockBuilder Pro configuration software
  • USB-powered
  • GUI programmable supply voltages
  • GUI controlled voltage, current and power measurements
  • Test points for easy access to lab measurement equipment

ClockBuilder Pro Software

To use the EVB, download the software. 

Si5338 Development Kit Resources

Si533x-EVB Schematics and Layout Files

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Si5338-EVB User's Guide and Data Sheet

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Si5330 Data Sheet

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Si5334 Data Sheet

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Si5335 Data Sheet

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Si5338 Data Sheet

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Si5338 Reference Manual: Configuring the Si5338 without ClockBuilder Desktop (replaces AN411)

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AN428: Jump Start: In-System, Flash-Based Programming for Silicon Labs' Timing Products

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AN623: Customizing the Si5335 with ClockBuilder

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