Si5350/51 Any-Frequency CMOS Clock Generator + VCXO Development Kit


For simplified evaluation of the Si5350/51 any-frequency CMOS clock generator for consumer and enterprise applications, development kits are available. The Si5351x-B20QFN-EVB evaluation kit, along with ClockBuilder Pro, makes it simple to emulate all three Si5350/51 packages, including th 10-MSOP, 20-QFN, and 16-QFN on the same evaluation board.


Si535X-B20QFN-EVB Development Kit Features

Each kit features:

  • ClockBuilder Pro configuration software
  • USB-powered
  • On-board IDD measurement
  • Independent output voltage reference for mixed-supply applications
  • Test points for easy access to lab measurement equipment

ClockBuilder Pro Software

To use the EVB, download the software. 

Si5350/51 Development Kit Resources

Si535X-B20QFN-EVB User's Guide

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