Si514 I²C Programmable Oscillator Development Kit


The Silicon Labs Si514-PROG-EVB is a special version of the Si5xx-PROG-EVB evaluation kit which contains the hardware and software needed for evaluation and programming of a pre-installed Si514 Any-Frequency I²C programmable XO.


Each evaluation kit includes:

  • Si514-PROG-EVB Hardware
  • Programmable Oscillator Software Utilities
  • EVB Driver (USBXpress®)
  • USB Cable
  • User's Guide Documentation

The pre-installed sample device is P/N 514CBA000118AAG, and has the following specifications:

Format CMOS
VDD 3.3 V
Total Stability +/-50 ppm
Frequency Range 100 kHz - 212.5 MHz
Startup Frequency (MHz)​ 156.250000​
I²C Address 55 hex (85 decimal)
Package 5x7 mm


Si5xx-EVB User's Guide

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