MSRP $95.00

Universal Oscillator Evaluation Kit

The Si5xxUC-EVB evaluates any Silicon Labs XO or VCXO with one board. This board can test I2C devices as well as Single, Dual, Quad fixed frequency parts. It also has three different footprints to enable testing of all three package sizes that are available with our portfolio (5x7 mm, 3.2x5 mm, and 2.5x3.2 mm).

MSRP $95.00


Kit Contents

  • Si5xxUC-EVB evaluation board
  • 2m USB cable

The Si5xxUC-EVB does not come with a pre-installed sample device. You can specify a custom crystal oscillator and create a new part number, or look up an existing product by part number, and order samples starting at the Custom Oscillator Part Number Utility.

Step 1: Get Started with the User's Guide

Programmable Oscillator Calculator

Download the software to support Silicon Labs' oscillator development. 

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