MSRP $19.99

BGX220P Wireless Xpress Starter Kit

The Wireless Xpress BGX220P starter kit includes a Bluetooth Xpress BGX220P module, serial to USB bridge device, full pin access, and an expansion header to connect to all EFM8 and EFM32 Silicon Labs starter kits. The kit operates in a stand-alone mode when USB is attached, enabling Bluetooth connection and communication through the serial-to-USB bridge to BGX220’s Xpress command interface, and in an STK mode when an EFM8 or EFM32 STK is attached to the board’s expansion header. With Xpress Configurator, a configuration tool in Simplicity Studio, developers can test out configurable parameters in the BGX220, communicate using the terminal window and export configurations.

MSRP $19.99


Kit Contents

  • BGX220P expansion board
  • 1 x USB micro cable
  • BGX getting started card

Kit Features

  • Bluetooth Low Energy cable replacement
  • Connects to another BGX220 device or a smart phone
  • UART interface and flow control pins enable communication across the Bluetooth LE link
  • Breakout test points for easy interface with prototype boards
  • Power sources include USB and EXP Header

Simplicity Studio Features

  • CP210x VCP driver
  • Simplicity Studio 5
  • Xpress configurator
  • BGX commander mobile app

Step 1: Plug in Kit and Run Terminal Program

After plugging in your kit, launch a terminal program of your choice. Examples include: Windows Terminal, Terminal on macOS, and TeraTerm. Select the appropriate COM port and set the baud rate to 115200 to connect to the board.

Step 2: Download the BGX Commander Mobile App

Download the BGX Commander mobile app, built using the BG Xpress framework for mobile app development.  With BGX Commander, you can connect and communicate with the BGX220P, as well as perform an over-the-air firmware update on the module.

Step 3: (Optional) Download and Install Simplicity Studio 5

Xpress Configurator, an application included with Simplicity Studio, provides a graphical interface, terminal window, and context-sensitive documentation to help you learn about the different Bluetooth Xpress parameters. 

Step 4: Run BGX Commander Mobile App and Connect to the BGX220P

Start BGX commander on your mobile app. Scan and connect to the BGX220P module. Now text typed into BGX Commander will be transmitted across the BLE link to the BGX220P and appear in the Xpress Configurator terminal window.  

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