90 W 802.3bt PoE PSE and PD Solutions    

Silicon Labs makes it easy to add 90 W PoE    

Our complete PoE portfolio addresses all 802.3bt 90 W PoE needs, from switches to powered devices. The compact Si34071 PD combines the required 802.3bt PD interface with a dc-dc controller ready to provide the full 71 W of power to a system. On the other side of the cable, our Si3471 is the industry’s first single 90 W capable Ethernet port without needing any software or host MCU. Finally, the Si3474 powers up to eight 802.3at or four 802.3bt 90 W Ethernet ports and adds a feature rich register map for efficient power management. Our EVBs feature compact and cost-effective 2-layer PCB designs that can easily be implemented in many different kinds of systems and include a full Sifos IEEE compliance test report.

  Si3471 Si3471 Si3471
  Si3471 Si3474A and Si3474B Si34071
Ethernet Ports 1 - PSE 4 - PSE 1 - PD
IEEE Standard Power 802.3bt
90 W class 1-8
90 W class 1-8
71 W class 4-8
Features External FETs
Easy configuration
External FETs
200 mΩ sense
I2C interface
External FETs
Integrated dc dc
Highest power PD
Package 5 x 7 mm QFN38 8 x 8 mm QFN56 5 x 5 mm QFN32
EVB Si3471-KIT Si3474-KIT Si34071AC5V8KIT
Availability Available Now Available Now Available Now
Data Sheet
Si34071 Design Guide
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