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Isolated gate drivers and digital isolators

Our state of the art digital isolation technology enables our gate drivers and digital isolators to deliver great performance and robust reliability in the demanding data center environment without compromising on safety. Our products are certified by UL, CSA & CQC component standards and have been field-proven for 10 plus years. The low latency and well-matched channel to channel as well as part to part delays provide a big benefit to improving the overall efficiency of the power supply, while the high transient immunity protects the system from glitches and latch-up situations.

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What you need to know when designing isolated power supplies for data centers

Isolated gate drivers and digital isolators are used extensively in today's server power supplies. Gate drivers are used to control the on/off switching of the power switches and are also used to control the sync FETs on the secondary side. Depending on the type of power switch used, the gate driver can be chosen appropriately. For example, a GaN based system might require a low UVLO, very high transient immunity driver like the Si827x. Digital isolators are more commonly used as feedback paths for V/I sensing to complete the loop although they can also be used in combination with non-isolated drivers to control the power switches.

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Design Considerations
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